Patient Programs

Novellas Healthcare has been developing expertise in patient-centered programs. These programs aim to educate patients and guide them through their therapies.
Every program is different, because every disease has a different patient population, different treatments, different obstacles in the daily life of the patients, ...

Our patient programs help patients to deal with these obstacles by stimulating them towards self-care.
The most important aspect in good management of a disease is adherence to a prescribed therapy.


Adherence describes the degree to which a patient correctly follows medical advice regarding treatment.

Non-adherence is a major obstacle to the effective delivery of health care and with an estimated 50% of patients with chronic diseases that don’t follow their treatment recommendations, this is a major worldwide problem.

Major barriers to compliance are thought to include the complexity of modern medication regimens, poor "health literacy" and lack of comprehension of treatment benefits, the occurrence of undiscussed side effects, the cost of prescription medicine, and poor communication or lack of trust between the patient and his or her health-care provider.

Patient Programs

Novellas Healthcare’s patient programs are developed to carefully match the therapy, diasea area and patient group, using a mix of patient and physician education, screening actions, monitoring techniques and patient coaching tools.

Whether you are looking for nurses that can assist patients at home in coping with their disease or rather for a fully integrated service with development of patient materials, websites, screening or monitoring actions and patient or physician coaching solutions, Novellas Healthcare can develop the solution that best fits your specific therapy to improve the patient adherence.